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We will supply a complete business model before the year end. Carbonating  Machines, CO2 filling, know how, Soft drink concentrates, sparkling water flavors. Join now as importer and get first players advantage.

Are you alredy in the business we can produce softdrink concentrates 1 + 23 as Private Label for you. With a amazing quality.

Do you today sells carbonating machines or CO2?

Based upon our own research and Swedish official statistics we are 99% sure to predict and present a new top selling product for your country.

We suppose our large flavor assortment for carbonated water to:

  • Increase your home carbonating machine sales
  • Be a profitable new assortment
  • Increase your sale of carbon dioxid refillings
  • Adding extra profit when your customers purchase CO2 - all will be extra sales with no extra cost
  • Increase customers visits to your shop, again adding more sales

We predict that within some years:

More than 50% of all home carbonated water will be flavored

We predict the same for bottled carbonated water in your country within 7 years.

Those conclusions are based upon our own research as well as Swedish official statistic available at

Be among the first in your country –  before the bottled water industry. Take the "first player advantage". The product is available to home carbonated water today -before your commercial bottled water industry have wakened. If you are a member of the commercial bottled water industry we can supply you in bulk quantities at our industrial site.